It Still Ain’t Right

“We gotta do it this way,” says Jess.

“With no marker or nothing?”

“We’ll know where she is.”

“It ain’t right.”

“I know it ain’t, but it’s got to be this way. You want CDC coming to put us into a quarantine camp for a year?”

“Why would they do that? We didn’t get it then. Odds are we never will.”

“They’ll say we’re carriers.”

“Carry to who, Jess? There ain’t hardly anyone left!”

“There’s still some who haven’t been exposed, maybe.”

“You’re just guessing now. You don’t know nothing for sure.”

“We can’t take chances.”

“It still ain’t right.”


Friday Fictioneers


Booker Had Other Ideas

Booker started small, and I mean real small.

Toothpicks and popsicle sticks and twigs.

He’d carve em up with that old Barlow he kept stropped so it’d shave a hair off a hair.

But them little carvings didn’t satisfy, so he moved on to planks, barrels, chairs.

He got it into his head that his wood needed to be living, so he got going on the trees in his yard.

Never mind an idiot knows a tree dies if you cut all the bark off.

Booker had other ideas.

Last I saw he was headed north to the big timber.


Friday Fictioneers