The secret of this universe is the toroid.

In this shape are contained the answers to all the ills of mankind, for the toroid is a self-renewing source of energy.

Look at how the toroid replenishes itself in the atmosphere of this planet, or in an electromagnetic field.

An unending source of free energy would end all wars.

With no further need for oil, empires would collapse.

The wealthiest men in the world would lose their power.

You see now why this information has been suppressed, why it is dangerous to even speak of it.

One day, perhaps.

Not yet.


Friday Fictioneers


Northfield is different than I remember. I’d figured that such a small place wouldn’t change much in ten years, but I’m wrong. Two of the bars the old man used to frequent are gone, turned into little shops that sell crafts and such. I walk into to the first one, remembering the last time I was in here. It was Ole’s tap back then.  The old man was so drunk I had to carry him out. I was fifteen.

It smells like nutmeg and cinnamon instead of piss and beer and cigarettes. I buy a hat for ma. A surprise.


Friday Fictioneers


That’s Him There

I waited up for him long as I could, but I was only seven. My sister come as promised and got me up just after midnight.  “Is he here?” I asked.

“Let’s go see for ourselves,” she said and led me into the living room where we hid ourselves behind the credenza

Pretty soon, Da came in carrying pieces of a bicycle. He tried to put it together, having no luck on account of he was drunk.

Ma started belabouring him and then they fell to fighting over the pieces, swallowing drinks between.

“That’s him,” says my sister. “That’s Santa.”

Friday Fictioneers


Eddie was a fuck-up, always in and out of jail for petty crimes. When he got drafted in  ’44, he figured at least that would keep him out of jail.

As it was, he barely made it through basic. All the time on the troop ship he prayed that it’d be over before he got there.

He was separated from the replacement group during an artillery bombardment and took off, spending a month with the Canadian MPs.

That’s when he decided he wasn’t cut out for combat.

He wrote a letter to his CO.

The next January the Army executed him.

More on Eddie here.

Friday Fictioneers